Exploring the Wonders of the Sea at Palma Aquarium, Mallorca

Discover a fascinating underwater world in the heart of Mallorca, where every visit is an unforgettable adventure. Palma Aquarium, opened in 2007 and located just steps away from Playa de Palma, is much more than a mere aquarium: it’s a captivating journey through the world’s oceans, filled with marvels and discoveries.

With over 55 aquariums and 8,000 specimens of 700 marine species, Palma Aquarium is a paradise for sea lovers and an educational and thrilling destination for people of all ages. From the Mediterranean to tropical seas, every corner of this amazing aquarium offers a unique experience.

For visitors looking to explore the waters of the Mediterranean

Palma Aquarium offers a variety of tanks showcasing a wide range of marine life, from colorful starfish to majestic moray eels and seahorses. One of the highlights is the “Toca-Toca” tank, where you can interact and touch some of these fascinating marine creatures, providing a unique tactile experience.

Dive deeper and journey to tropical seas, where exotic surprises await. From clownfish in their anemones to stunning lionfish, each aquarium transports you to a new and exciting world. Additionally, Palma Aquarium takes pride in its coral breeding program, contributing to the preservation of these vital ecosystems.

The Big Blue, Europe’s deepest shark tank

The crown jewel of Palma Aquarium. Descending through the transparent tunnel and coming face to face with sharks and rays is a breathtaking experience and is sure to be the highlight of your visit.

But Palma Aquarium is not just a place for observation; it is also a center committed to marine conservation and education. Through environmental days and awareness campaigns, the aquarium promotes the importance of protecting our oceans and their diverse marine life.

Visitor reviews reflect the magic experienced at Palma Aquarium. Many praise the diversity of marine species, the cleanliness of the tanks, and the friendliness of the staff. Furthermore, the Mediterranean gardens and children’s play areas offer a relaxing space to enjoy after exploring the wonders of the sea.

Best time to visit Palma Aquarium

When planning your visit, consider the recommendations of previous visitors. Weekdays and less crowded seasons may offer a quieter and more relaxed experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the underwater beauty that Palma Aquarium offers.

In summary, Palma Aquarium is much more than an aquarium: it’s an exciting and educational journey through the world’s oceans. Whether you’re a nature lover, passionate about marine conservation, or simply looking for a unique experience in Mallorca, Palma Aquarium awaits you with open arms, ready to take you on an unforgettable journey under the sea.